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Earth Day Clean-up Challenge, April 20 – April 28 

/ April 27, 2024

The event

In partnership with Encino Energy, Infinity Natural Resources, and the MWCF, MWCD presents the Earth Day Clean-up Challenge. Individuals aged 18 years or older are invited to participate in this social media activity to win a prize valued at up to $500. Details include:

  • Visit Atwood, Leesville, Charles Mill, Clendening, Pleasant Hill, Piedmont, Seneca or Tappan Lake Parks and/or Marinas.
  • Take a picture of a recreational activity and post it on social media, tagging the location (e.g., Atwood Lake Park, Charles Mill Lake Park, etc.) and using #MWCDEarthDay2024.
  • Participants are encouraged to pick up and dispose of any litter they find, contributing to the cleanliness of our parks and waterways.