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Fort Laurens Museum’s Free Speaker Series – Solar Eclipse of 1806

/ May 4, 2024

The event

Fort Laurens Museum’s Free Speaker Series starts on Saturday, May 4 at 11 a.m. in the Fort Laurens theater.   

Dr. Tom O’Grady will kick off the Free Speaker Series with his presentation “Not Since Tecumseh: Darkness at Midday over the Ohio Country; Total Eclipse of the Sun,” sharing the history around the Ohio 1806 eclipse and how Tecumseh, a Native American, used his knowledge of the eclipse to shake up the political dynamics in Ohio.   

Dr. O’Grady is an instructor of observational astronomy at Ohio University and the Southeast Ohio History Center’s director of outreach and director emeritus. He has observed eight solar eclipses and has spent 25 years researching Ohio’s geography and settlement.    

For more information, contact Fort Laurens at 330.874.2059 or visit the website at