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Help a child go to Camp Tippecanoe

/ May 31, 2023

The event

Share your love for Camp. Give a child the gift of fun and adventure. Send a child to YMCA Camp Tippecanoe.

Top Benefits of Summer Camp For Children Socializing and Friendship Building. One of the greatest benefits of summer camp for youth is that they get to socialize and meet new people. … Eliminating Screen Time and Getting Exercise. … Personal Growth, Learning, and Development. … Positive Role Models. … Making Memories.

Your support allows the YMCA Camp Tippecanoe to fulfill our promise to not turn any youth away due to an inability to pay – Thank YOU!

You may choose to donate directly to CampDocs when you register your child for camp. You can also donate directly to the YMCA of Central Stark County by clicking

Please consider donate even if you don’t have a child going to camp.