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“Jeeves’ Jammie Jam Sleepover” – Reeves Museum

/ March 24, 2023

The event

The Reeves Museum will once again be hosting a “Jeeves’ Jammie Jam Sleepover” on Friday, March 24th, at 6:30pm, in the Carriage House. Children can bring their favorite stuffed animal or doll for a sleepover in the Reeves Museum with Jeeves, the museum’s mascot. Kids can come in their pajamas to hear a bedtime story, then tuck their friend in for a good night’s sleep before leaving them for the night. The next morning, at 11am, kids come back to pick up their friend, enjoy some juice and donuts, and hear all about their buddy’s adventures. The event is free but you must make reservations. Please call 330-343-7040.