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Penny War at YMCA

/ May 14, 2023

The event

The Tuscarawas County YMCA will hold its 3rd annual Penny War for one week only, May 8th through the 14th. The Penny War is a fun way for YMCA members and program participants to show support for their favorite Y departments while raising money for the Y’s annual campaign. This is how it works: Pennies and paper money count as positive points, while silver coins count as negative points. Put your pennies and bills in the jug of your favorite department, and your silver in the ones you do not want to win. The department that has the most positive points at the end of  the week will win. A table will be set up in the main lobby of the YMCA with jug representing Aquatics, Fitness, Member Services, Sports/Gymnastics and Childcare.