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Firefighters honored for response to blaze at Jaycee Village

| July 28, 2023
Uhrichsville firefighters Brennan McGarry, Sean Luce, Taylor Fach, and Cory Paisley pose for a photo after receiving certificates of commendation from Mayor Mark Haney for their response to the May 28th blaze at the Jaycee Village Apartments. (WJER Radio)

UHRICHSVILLE (WJER) (July 28, 2023) – Four of the city’s firefighters got some recognition during Thursday’s council meeting for their response to the May 28th blaze at the Jaycee Village Apartments that displaced 75 tenants. 

Sean Luce, Taylor Fach, Corey Paisley, and Brennan McGarry received certificates of commendation for their actions during the mid-morning fire that Mayor Mark Haney read aloud during the meeting.

“These firefighters simultaneously controlled the fire while acting officer Sean Luce located a resident in imminent danger in an adjacent apartment and guided her to safety. The citizens of the City of Uhrichsville are very fortunate to be protected by these fine firemen.”

Fire Chief Judd Edwards says the four of them were on their own for four minutes and managed to stretch the biggest hose on the truck up three flights of stairs to the apartment that was on fire to start knocking down the flames.

“These gentlemen did their job that day – that’s what we do – but they did it exceptionally… That’s not the normal fire we see. Usually, it’s a single-story or two-story home. They rolled up on a 48-unit apartment complex occupied by 75 people.”

Luce says it was a team effort.

“The rescue couldn’t have been made without these guys doing an exceptional job on the inside because the person making the rescue wouldn’t have anywhere to go back to and if Brennan hadn’t been driving and got us water so quick. Total, 100-percent team effort, and that includes our surrounding departments that came and helped us.” 

Edwards has been in contact with Jaycee Village management, who told him they hoped to have about two-thirds of the building reopened and ready for tenants to start moving back into in the next couple of days. 


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