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Firefighters make quick work of shed, grass fires Saturday

| February 28, 2022

Dover (WJER) (Feb. 28, 2022) – Firefighters responded to a couple of calls Saturday that didn’t end up requiring much time on the scene.

Captain Mike Mossor says the first was for an 8×12-foot shed being used as a chicken coop that caught fire just after 7 a.m. in the 4500 block of state Route 800 NE.

There were two geese in there and they perished in the fire,” he said.

Mossor says the fire was found quickly.

As far as damage to the building, it was moderate, but it was easily extinguished and the building’s still most likely usable,” said Mossor.

Then later Saturday, firefighters were sent to what was described as a vegetation or grass fire off I-77 that never materialized.

It was extremely small. Most likely a discarded cigarette along the ramp of the interstate there. Very small, some passerby put it out with a bottle of water before we arrived,” he said.

Mossor says the chicken coop fire was apparently caused by a heat lamp. It was also reported by a passerby.

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