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GOP Senate candidate Vance campaigns again in Tuscarawas County

| October 26, 2022
Photo courtesy of the Vance Campaign

DOVER (WJER) (Oct. 26th, 2022)  – Candidates running for office in Washington DC continue turning to voters in Tuscarawas County ahead of Election Day.

Republican 6th District Congressman Bill Johnson toured Gradall Industries in New Philadelphia last week.

This week, it was Republican U.S. Senate candidate JD Vance. He appeared at a fundraiser for his campaign at the Kimble Company offices in Dover on Monday. Vance was also in the county a little over two weeks ago for a meet-and-greet at the county GOP headquarters in Dover. Vance says it’s no coincidence he’s targeting the Appalachian region.

“That’s probably where we’re spending a lot of our time is the counties where we think we’re going to win by a lot and we’ve got to make sure people are going to turn out,” said Vance.

The latest polls have Vance slightly ahead in his race with Democrat Tim Ryan.  Vance, however, says he’s skeptical of polling.

“I’m glad that we’re in the lead and I’m glad that we seem to be pulling away a little bit, but I just don’t believe the stuff. It’s been so wrong so many times, ” Vance said.

Vance says he does appreciate the support from those attending the gatherings like the one at Kimble today.

‘It suggests there’s a lot of enthusiasm, and that’s what we need to win,” he said.

Vance and Ryan are competing in the race for retiring Republican Rob Portman’s senate seat on the November 8th ballot.



6th District Congressman Bill Johnson tours Gradall Industries in New Philadelphia on Oct. 21, 2022

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