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Health officials share advice for air quality alert from wildfire smoke

| June 7, 2023

DOVER (WJER) (June 7, 2023) – Tuscarawas County Health Department officials say people in sensitive breathing groups should take precautions with air quality alerts in the forecast.

The National Weather Service’s air quality index has reached ‘unhealthy’ levels for Tuscarawas County today.

Environmental Health Director Michael Kopko says Canadian wildfire smoke moving into the U.S. prompted the NWS office in Pittsburgh to issue the alert for our region today, based on hazy skies and devices that track fine particle pollution.

“They’re collecting physical particles from the air with these monitoring systems and measuring their density,” said Kopko. “If it hits a certain point, it would trigger that alert.”

Air conditions during an alert could affect children, older adults, and people with lung diseases.

“It’s encouraged that you avoid strenuous outdoor activities, keep outdoor activities short or consider moving physical activities indoors or rescheduling them,” he said.

The American Lung Association recommends putting off yard work and outdoor exercise. It says N95 masks could also help reduce exposure to pollutants.

The National Weather Service is reporting that reduced air quality from wildfire smoke is still possible for the area through the weekend.

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