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Highway Patrol promoting motorcycle safety

| May 26, 2022

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (May 23, 2022) – A sergeant with the local Highway Patrol post is urging motorcyclists to protect themselves from serious injury or death by putting on a helmet.

Brian Hawkins says they can’t ticket you for not wearing one if you’re 18 or older, although it could potentially save your life, even if you’re an experienced rider. 

“Wearing a helmet increases your chances of surviving a crash if you are involved in an incident. Whereas, obviously, if you’re not, there’s nothing protecting your head area from whatever you impact.”

Of the 215 motorcycles killed in crashes on Ohio’s roadways last year, 70 percent weren’t wearing helmets. Hawkins also recommends wearing padding and reflective gear and familiarizing yourself with your route before you venture out.

“And that comes definitely with experience. If you’ve got a novice rider out there and they’re not familiar with the roadway, then they can come around a curve a little bit too fast and lose control of the motorcycle. So, yeah, definitely know the routes that you’re traveling on. Be comfortable with the speed you’re going on these routes.”

Hawkins encourages inexperienced motorcyclists to take a training course and all riders to remain alert and sober. He also reminds drivers to double and triple-check before changing lanes or proceeding through intersections and to give any motorcyclists they encounter plenty of space.   

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