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Historic house owned by Dover schools could go on sale soon; buyer must move

| May 10, 2022
The Dover Board of Education will likely be voting soon on a plan to sell off its former administrative building with the stipulation that the buyer removes it from the property. (WJER Radio)

DOVER (WJER) (May 10, 2022) – Dover school officials are considering putting the district’s former administrative building on the market, although whoever buys it would have to move it.

Superintendent Karie McCrate suggested the arrangement during Monday’s school board meeting. She says with the district offices now housed in the high school’s remodeled 1962 wing, the building at 219 West Sixth Street is no longer needed.

“My recommendation is that we work with a local realtor and an auctioneer. We put it up for sale with the agreement that it must be moved within a finite amount of time, and we’ll work with them to determine what’s reasonable.”

McCrate plans to return to the board with a formal recommendation after finalizing some of the details. She says if the building can’t be moved or doesn’t, the next step would be to have it torn down.

“The goal would be to have that done before the snow falls this winter so that we can get the gravel down and it can be paved first thing in the spring.”

Members including Bob Everett were supportive of the proposal.

“It demonstrates that this board and this administration is willing to allow somebody to purchase this building and move it to a different location. Nobody wants to bring in the equipment and raze the building if somebody wants to purchase it.”

The building was once the home of Samuel Reeves, the son of industrialist and philanthropist Jeremiah Reeves. The family at one time lived next door in a home that was relocated to West Seventh Street.

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