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Homicide victim identified as 76-year-old Thomas Haughawout

| April 13, 2022

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (April 13, 2022) – Detectives have released the name of the city man found dead in his apartment from an apparent homicide early Monday morning.

The police department in a statement this afternoon identified the victim as 76-year-old Thomas Haughawout, who was shot and killed in his apartment around 6:30 am. New Philadelphia Police Captain Ty Norris says they believe this was an isolated incident perpetrated by someone known to Haughawout.

“I do not believe that this was a random act where people should be in fear that a random person would pose a threat to general society.”

He says the investigation is still in the early stages, although they’re hoping that releasing this information results in some tips that will help them identify the person or people responsible.

“Because not everybody knew the address or maybe even knew what street Mr. Haughawout lived on, and so I think now by putting a face to [it] and a name, it could very well pull someone out of the woodwork who has some information because now they know who exactly who it is that we are talking about.”

One of Haughawout’s neighbors requested a welfare check after hearing what he described as a loud bang coming from his apartment. Norris says anyone with information can call the station at 330-343-4488 and ask for him or Detective Chaz Willet.

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