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Homrighausen files notice of appeal in criminal case; Gunnoe moves to dismiss civil appeal

| February 10, 2023
Former Dover Mayor Richard Homrighausen, right, in court for his sentencing in January.

DOVER (WJER) (February 10, 2023) – The city’s former mayor has officially filed notice that he will appeal his criminal conviction and sentence for theft in office and related charges.

A jury in November found Richard Homrighausen guilty of one felony and five misdemeanors. Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court Judge Elizabeth Thomakos in January sentenced him to just over 17-thousand dollars in financial penalties, but no jail time or probation.

In the notice filed Thursday in Common Pleas Court and with the Fifth District Court of Appeals, Homrighausen’s attorneys say he appeals from the “verdict, sentence and judgment of conviction entered January 19th, 2023.” It did not have any details about the grounds for the appeal.

During Homrighausen’s trial, his attorneys said he is innocent and wasn’t aware his actions were wrong, although Thomakos said she didn’t believe that.

Homrighausen was accused of pocketing just over nine-thousand dollars in wedding fees that prosecutors say he should have deposited into city accounts.

The conviction bars him from public service for life, and the appeal does not change that.

Gunnoe moves to dismiss civil court appeals

In a separate legal matter involving Homrighausen, newly-appointed Mayor Shane Gunnoe asked a judge to dismiss two appeals filed by Homrighausen against the city.

The former mayor had been appealing a settlement agreement Council approved with three employees he fired.

Judge Michael Ernest earlier this month ruled Homrighausen can’t pursue those cases now that he’s out of office.

Ernest allowed the city to substitute the new mayor in place of Homrighausen.

City Law Director Doug O’Meara did that Thursday and filed the notice of dismissal on behalf of Gunnoe.

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