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Homrighausen trial on hold

| September 27, 2022
Dover Mayor Richard Homrighausen, right, at a court hearing earlier this year. Also pictured are his defense attorney Mark DeVan, center, and State Prosecutor Robert Smith.

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (September 27, 2022) – The criminal trial for longtime Dover Mayor Richard Homrighausen is on hold.

Judge Elizabeth Thomakos met with the attorneys in her office Monday after Homrighausen’s lawyer asked for the trial to be delayed because of an unspecified personal family matter.

Thomakos had not provided an official ruling on the request by early this afternoon, but court administrators said the trial is not taking place Tuesday as scheduled.

Homrighausen has pleaded not guilty to nine counts, including theft in office.

A jury trial was initially scheduled for Sept. 20, then moved to Sept. 27 because a witness had COVID.

Prosecutors did not object to the latest delay request.

Homrighausen is suspended from office until the case is resolved. He’s still getting paid during the suspension.

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