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Indian Hill Road, parts of eight others, on Uhrichsville’s 2022 paving list

| June 27, 2022

UHRICHSVILLE (WJER) (June 27, 2022) – The road leading to Claymont High School will be getting a fresh coat of asphalt this year.

Uhrichsville Mayor Mark Haney says the city is teaming up with the county to smooth out Indian Hill Road since both are responsible for maintaining certain sections.

“They’ll be covering their cost of Indian Hill. We’ll cover our cost. A lot of people don’t know as you go across the track, part of it’s ours; part of it’s theirs. You go out there by the house by the high school, one side’s theirs; one side’s ours. And then at the high school we own so much and then we own up to the corporation.”

The city is spending close to $200,000 to repave that road and parts of eight others including Newport Avenue between Trenton and Holiday and a one-block section of East 11th Street. 

“We’re gonna do the block from Eastport to Uhrich Street, which is the block where we’ll also be doing storm sewer work. It’s the block that has the most damage. Jeff and I have walked it and looked at it. We’ve come to the conclusion that the other two blocks can wait until next year.”

Haney says the full list will be posted on the city of Uhrichsville’s Facebook page. He anticipates the work, which will be completed by Newton Asphalt, beginning in August or September depending on the company’s workload and the weather.

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