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IV Superintendent: All safe after threatening message discovered in bathroom

| February 29, 2024

MIDVALE – Indian Valley administrators are taking some extra precautions after a threatening message was found scrawled on a bathroom stall door at Midvale Elementary School Thursday morning.

The message said, “I will bring a gun.”

Superintendent Ira Wentworth says Principal Ryan Wells and law enforcement from the Midvale Police Department and the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office searched classrooms and used metal detecting wands to check students in grades two through five. They found no weapons or any other reason for alarm.

The school also went to a “yellow door” which means teachers locked their classrooms but continued teaching. Wentworth says Principal Wells later gathered the students in the cafeteria to tell them everyone was safe. He explained why these types of pranks are unacceptable.

Wentworth says administrators will be checking students again Friday morning with the metal detecting wands as they enter the building.


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