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Jim Carrothers keeps the Claymont basketball clock running for 50 years

| January 20, 2023

UHRICHSVILLE (WJER) (January 20, 2023) – A longtime fixture at Claymont High School has kept boys’ basketball games running smoothly there for five decades.

Dennison attorney Jim Carrothers is in his 50th season at the scorer’s table.

Claymont Athletic Director Justin Jones says to call him a clock operator doesn’t do justice to all the work Carrothers does on game nights – announcing lineups, buzzing in substitutes, and creating a professional, knowledgeable, and welcoming environment.

“He’s an integral part of what we do here at Claymont. It’s guys like him that make this a special place. Fifty years of service anywhere is a long time. With changes that happen year in and year out with high school sports, Jim’s always on top of it, whether it’s football or basketball.”

Jones says Carrothers seems to have a back story for every player.

“So it makes it more of an environment that’s friendly and inviting to coaches, players, and fans coming in… You get to here this guy who has been here for 50 years and tell a story and say, ‘When your dad played, I remember announcing his name.’

“To say Jim is just a clock operator for us would be downplaying the role Jim Carrothers plays here in the Claymont athletic department.”

Boys’ basketball coach Gary Watkins says Carrothers worked his games when he a player and now when he’s the coach for the Mustangs.

“It was always Mr. Carrothers to me, and it still is today when he comes in the gym. A handshake and a smile and he’s got his folder and I know he’s ready to go for the night, so we’re in good hands.”

Carrothers says he appreciates the recognition, he likes the work, and he sees himself staying at the scorer’s table for the foreseeable future.

“I guess I sort of captain the ship a little bit at the scorer’s table, but we’ve got good people working now and we’ve had good people working over the years. You want to look professional at what you do, and whether it’s at my work or with Claymont basketball, I think that’s important.”

He talked about some of his favorite memories.

“Obviously, Coach Cox’s 1979 team that went to the state, and the ’86 team from Coach Jim Riley that went to the state, and watching players like Gary Watkins and Dave Smith and many, many others. It’s hard to mention names because we’ve had a lot of good players over the years. The years at The Pit the old high school when you couldn’t even get a ticket. It was a pretty loud place.”

Carrothers will be running the scorer’s table Friday in another big game for the Mustangs. IVC rival Indian Valley will be the visitors. Mustang fans can cheer on the home team and give a nod to Jim Carrothers.

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