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Junior Fair sets sales record at $1.63 million

| September 27, 2022
Madison Burkholder, 12, of the 4-H Pioneers won first place for hog showmanship. Visit the WJER Facebook page to see more images from this year's Tuscarawas County Fair.

DOVER (WJER) (September 27, 2022) – The Tuscarawas County Junior Fair set a new livestock auction sales record this year at $1.3 million.

Add in the small animal and dairy sales, and this year’s junior fair recorded $1.63 million dollars in sales, also a record.

Junior Fair Sales Committee Coordinator Tina Armstrong says the total beats last year’s record by around $200,000. Sales have more than doubled since 2018.

“Market prices are up. The buyers are amazing. We just have a really great sale program where our buyers support these kids, and they support what they’re doing in this industry. They’re the future of agriculture.

“Parents are always surprised at how these buyers come out in record force for these kids. We truly appreciate them. Without them, there wouldn’t be a sale.”

She says companies, individuals, and families buy the animals from 4-H students, sometimes for themselves but often to share with their employees or the community.

“Our numbers were up for the food bank this year, so we’re supporting the Tuscarawas County Food Pantry. Those will be processed by Beitzel Meat. They have volunteered to take care of that processing, which is amazing. They go to the food bank to support local families.”

Armstrong also credits the hard work of the 4-H students.

“They care for that animal year-round. They clean. They feed. They rinse. They blow all these steers out all year long. It’s no easy project, that’s for sure. These kids are totally dedicated to that animal.”

4-H’ers this year sold 287 hogs, 89 steer, and 32 lambs, along with goats, rabbits, turkeys, and chickens. The chicken auction set a record, with a pen of three broilers going for $16,000.

2022 Tuscarawas County Market Livestock Auction
Total 2022 Sale –  $1,337,963 (new sale record)

Lambs (32 sold):

Grand Champion Lamb: exhibitor – Marshall Miller; Purchased by Kimble Company, $16 per pound.

Reserve Champion Lamb: exhibitor – Adeline Kendle; Purchased by Kendle Farms & Wayne and Elaine Kendle, $21 per pound .

Hogs (287 sold):

Grand Champion Hog: exhibitor – Karter Ellwood; Purchased by Dover Phila Federal Credit Union, $14.50 per pound.

Reserve Champion Hog: exhibitor – Seely Welch; Purchased by Novelis Uhrichsville Works, $17 per pound.

Steers (89 sold):

Grand Champion Market Steer: exhibitor – Daxx Peters; Purchased by Kimble Companies, $7.50 per pound.

Reserve Champion Market Steer: exhibitor – Reide Black; Purchased by Dover Hydraulics, $9.50 per pound.

Grand Champion Dairy Steer: exhibitor – Brittany Finton; Purchased by Diversified Engineering, $3.50 per pound.

Reserve Champion Dairy Steer: exhibitor – Allison Quillen; Purchased by Kiko, $3 per pound.

Dairy Sales Basket Buyers:

#1 – Trealayne Holstein Steve Michelle Allison Annie & Adam. Sharon & Larry Rohrer in Memory of Wayne Specht for $5,000

#2 – Kimble Company for $11,000

#3 – Gerber & Sons; Hubner Seed ; Becks Hybrid for $10,000

#4 – Makos Market & Pharmacy  for $7,000

#5 – Gordon Milk Transport  for $4,000

#6 – Gordon Milk Transport for $4,000

40 Total Baskets and Donations for a Grand Total of $128,300 a new sale record

Small Animal Sales (goats, rabbits, poultry): $147,965

 Market Goats:

Grand Champion Market Goat – exhibitor Marshall Miller purchased by Marshall Miller Goat Buyers Club FOR $4,915.50

Reserve Champion Market Goat – exhibitor Jacqui Blose purchased by HRN Construction for $1,760

Rabbit Pens:

Grand Champion Rabbit Pen – exhibitor Kasey Sigler purchased by Authentic Church & Bases Loaded Indoor Training Facility for $1,000

Reserve Champion Rabbit Pen – exhibitor Lilyann Szymialis purchased by Beitzel Meat for $800


Grand Champion Broilers – exhibitor Chett Troyer purchased by TMC Waterproofing LLC for $16,000

Reserve Champion Broilers – exhibitor Madison Burkholder purchased by Dr. Steven A Chismar for $2,500


Grand Champion Turkey – exhibitor Bennett Brown purchased by Brotherhood HVAC for $1600

Reserve Champion Turkey – exhibitor Elias Harris purchased by Bolts Family Farms and Market & The Bear’s Den Steakhouse for $1,550


Grand Champion Duck – exhibitor Norah Chismar purchased by Bob Hall Auctioneer & Cronebaugh Auction Serices for $1,300

Reserve Champion Duck – exhibitor Camdyn White purchased by HRN Construction for $650

ALL SALES Total for the week: $1,630,128

(sales were up a total of $154, 746.50 over 2021 totals)

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