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Kitchen fire damages trailer in New Phila, displaces residents

| June 1, 2023
A late-morning kitchen fire caused extensive damage to this trailer in the Quaker Mobile Home Park. (WJER Radio)

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (June 1, 2023) – Firefighters say no one was injured in a late-morning blaze at the Quaker Mobile Home Park that was originally called in as a burn complaint.

New Philadelphia Fire Captain Bert Snyder says they decided to treat the call as a working structure fire, which is what they ended up finding at the trailer on Lot 7. 

“Crews quickly extinguished a small fire in the kitchen area while other crews did a search of the residence to make sure nobody was inside that we didn’t know about.” 

Firefighters arrived at the trailer just after 11:30. They were rolling up their hoses around 1.

“Crews did a little bit of salvage and overhaul looking to make sure we didn’t miss any fire inside the building. Right now, we’re just furthering the investigation, and we’re cleaning up.”

The occupants and their pets escaped unharmed although Snyder says the trailer was badly damaged and is likely a total loss. 

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