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Deputies fatally shoot man during incident in Mineral City

| September 28, 2022

MINERAL CITY (WJER) (Sept. 28, 2022) – Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a man outside of a Mineral City home this morning.

Sheriff Orvis Campbell says it started around 9:25 am when they responded to a call from a woman saying that the man, whom she has a protection order against, showed up at her home.

“They almost immediately encountered him, tried to talk to him. He initially indicated he had a knife. They did not see it but they were trying to get him to surrender. He made comments that that wasn’t going to take place and basically at that point threatened suicide.”

Talks ultimately broke down, and the man tried to enter the home, at which point a deputy used a less lethal beanbag round in an effort to subdue him.

“That round had no effect on him at all, and he immediately turned and displayed and fired a semi-automatic pistol at them, to which two deputies we believe returned fire and killed the individual.”

The deputies involved are on paid administrative leave as Ohio BCI investigates, which Campbell says is standard protocol whenever there’s an officer-involved shooting.

“We’ll let BCI do their investigation, and we’ll let that investigation and Prosecutor Styer have the final say, but right now all indications are that these guys acted professionally and as we would want them to.”

He’s not releasing the man’s name until the Tuscarawas County Coroner’s Office confirms his identity.

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