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Members of Coshocton Grace UMC move services after blaze

| May 23, 2022
Investigators believe a lightning strike ignited the blaze that caused extensive damage to the Grace United Methodist Church in Coshocton Friday morning. (WJER Radio)

COSHOCTON (WJER) (May 23, 2022) – Members of the Grace United Methodist Church in Coshocton were still able to gather and begin the healing process two days after a fire heavily damaged the place where they would normally worship.

The churchgoers moved services, led by Senior Pastor Deb Quillen, to the Canal Lewisville United Methodist Church Sunday morning.

That’s where they’ll take place for at least one more week.

“Welcome to Grace United Methodist Church. Because what happened this week, regardless, you are the church,” Quillen told those in attendance.

She says several churches in that area also reached out to offer assistance.

Investigators say they believe Friday’s fire was sparked by a lightning strike.

The church dates back to 1880.

An engineer was visiting today to determine if the outer walls must come down.

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