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Motorcyclist caught going 124 mph in 55 zone

| July 7, 2022
A New Philadelphia Post trooper caught this motorcyclist traveling more than twice the post speed limit on U.S. 250 Friday evening. (Ohio State Highway Patrol)

COLUMBUS (WJER) (July 7, 2022) – The Ohio Highway Patrol is making an example out of a local traffic stop on a motorcyclist traveling more than twice the speed limit.

A post on the agency’s Facebook page says New Philadelphia Post troopers stopped a rider going 124 miles an hour in a 55 zone, a speed at which a crash would be catastrophic. Post Commander Lieutenant Laura Taylor says Trooper Gabriel Duvall made the stop along U.S. 250 West of Uhrichsville around 8:20 Friday evening, ticketing the rider, a 19-year-old who recently received his motorcycle permit.

“Luckily and rightfully and thankfully he stopped. Otherwise, speeds of that nature just anything can happen. And he was wearing a helmet which is a requirement for the permit, but I honestly don’t know how much it would have helped had he crashed or a deer jumped out or anything of that nature.”

Taylor shared details with the patrol’s public affairs office to highlight their efforts to keep drivers safe on the roadways they monitor.

“Some people may have been startled by that motorcycle approaching so quickly and maybe done an inadvertent brake or swerve or something and that would have definitely not turned out well or if he would have crashed. It’s a danger for everybody on the roadway.”

The rider was cited for excessive speed, a minor misdemeanor. He’s scheduled to appear in Southern District Court on July 19th.

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