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New Phila Health Department now offering free car seat checks

| January 31, 2024
Staff at the New Philadelphia Health Department can make sure your child is riding safely with a free car seat check. (Stock photo)

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (Jan. 24, 2024) – Families can now have their car seats checked and receive a free one if they qualify at the city health department.

Director of Nursing Nichole Bache is one of two newly certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians for the agency and oversees the service that’s available by appointment in English or Spanish.

“We know here at the health department that one of the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths in children is road-related injuries, and so we were looking at what we could do to prevent that and that is to make sure kids are in proper car seats and booster seats for their age and that they’re installed properly.”

She says these are extensive checks lasting between 30 and 45 minutes where they will make sure your car seat is installed correctly and isn’t damaged or expired.

“If they bring the child with them, that’s even better. We’re able to make sure the seat fits the child appropriately, that the straps and everything fit snuggly and tightly and the parent is able to get the child in and out appropriately.”

Programs offering free car seats are typically limited to households considered low-income. Bache says that’s not the case at the city health department where they have some for families making slightly more but still struggling to make ends meet.

“I do have some car seats on hand here that we would try to help them get if they qualify. Those have come from private donations that we have solicited here to try to help build the program. I’m also looking to write for some more grant funding to keep the program going, but always looking for more private donations.”

To schedule a car seat check appointment or contribute toward the cause, call the New Philadelphia City Health Department at 330-364-4491 ext.1208.

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