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New Phila Police rescue buck tangled in hammock

| February 7, 2024
Police Chief Tessa Pohovey, Officer Dakota Garbrandt-Hill, and K9 Handler Brad Geist work to free this buck who became tangled in a hammock on Glen Drive Northeast. (New Philadelphia Police)

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (Feb. 7, 2024) – Police Chief Tessa Pohovey is detailing their response to an unusual wildlife call this morning.

She says they went to a home on Glen Drive just before 8:40 am to rescue a large buck tangled up in a hammock. 

“We get a lot of deer calls but to that extent very few. Every now and again they’ll be stuck in fences or they’ve already been hit or something but that was a first for all of us out there. Even the homeowner, they said they’ve had a hammock up there for years and they’ve never had an issue until then.”

Officer Dakota Garbrandt-Hill was eventually able to immobilize the frightened deer while the chief and K9 handler Brad Geist worked to free him. 

“I think he just got tired because once Dakota got a hold of him he wasn’t kicking his legs up as much, or maybe he realized we were trying to help him.”

Pohovey says no one was injured, and the buck ran off into the woods seemingly unscathed by the ordeal.

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