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New Phila tax officials encouraging residents to file their returns early

| March 16, 2022

NEW PHILADELPHIA (March 16, 2022) – The city’s tax office is asking residents who need help filling out their tax returns to stop by no later than April 8th.

Tax Administrator Vicki Daniels says she and her staff may be too busy to assist you after that, as they expect to process between 150 to 200 returns per day as it gets closer to April 18th deadline.

“We only have time to stamp it received, make a copy for them, and send them on their way sometimes if there’s a long line.”

Taxpayers who file after the deadline are responsible for the taxes due and will be assessed a late fee. A warrant can also be issued for your arrest if you haven’t filed for several years, although Daniels says they try to intervene before it gets to that point.

“We try to locate them and talk to them, at least make contact with them before we do send them to court.”

Completed returns can also be mailed to the New Philadelphia Tax Office at 150 East High Avenue Suite 41 or deposited in the drop box at the side of the building. You can also file online at with the id number listed above your address on the cards that went out to residents ahead of tax season. 

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