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New Phila trying to tap into leftover Brownfield money to clean up car wash property

| May 11, 2022
New Philadelphia's Zoning Administrator is applying for around $127,000 in leftover Brownfield remediation money to tear down this former car was at the corner of Bank Lane and Sixth Street SW. (WJER Radio)

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (May 11, 2022) – City officials can now begin seeking funding to demolish the former Puritan Car Wash after securing ownership of the property.

Council on Monday accepted the parcel at 643 Sixth Street SW, which the current owner agreed to donate to the city. Service Director Ron McAbier says the acquisition will allow the city’s zoning inspector to request unclaimed Brownfield remediation money the Ohio Department of Development previously set aside for projects in Tuscarawas County.

“Part of the grant application that Ohio Department of Development wants is this piece of legislation saying that City of New Phila is taking this in as far as that address and that parcel.”

The county received a half-million dollars during the first of two rounds of funding and has $300,000 remaining. McAbier says clearing the car wash property is expected to cost around $125,000, which would be fully funded if the city’s application is approved.

“Leveled down, all the grass, blacktop, everything is outta there and we’re back to just greenspace, so that’s what we’re trying to do.”

If the request is denied, McAbier says they can reapply in the next round for 75-percent of the cleanup costs. The city’s share in that scenario would be just under $32,000.

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