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New Philadelphia contemplating six-figure salaries for 10 administrators

| September 18, 2023

NEW PHILADELPHIA – City officials are considering significant raises for non-union employees.

City Council’s salary committee recently discussed possible seven percent raises each year for the next three years for about 35 full-time employees, along with Council members and other part-timers.

After that period New Philadelphia would have 10 administrators – including what would be a newly-added community development director – with salaries over $100,000.

Right now, there’s one – the mayor. The other six-figure salaries would include those for the police chief, fire chief, assistant fire chief, law director, auditor, service director, health commissioner, and director of nursing.

Councilman Kelly Ricklic said he was a little bit shocked by the seven percent increase and was concerned about what residents would think, “because I think that the medium for the citizens in New Philadelphia is around $35,000.”

Committee chair Aimee May says they are just discussing it at this point. She says the raises are needed to keep the city competitive with similar municipalities.

“Initially, it’s going to be a little bit of a shock because I think we need to come up to par.”

Councilman Dean Holland said the city provides services far above average, but he doesn’t think the pay reflects that.

“Many of these positions are, in fact, behind, and we’re only looking at from a comparable city’s perspective, an average. We’re not above average.”

Council will continue to discuss the proposed pay hikes at future meetings. The salary committee meets again on Monday, Sept. 25.

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