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New Philadelphia Council votes against hefty raises

| October 24, 2023
New Philadelphia provided this spreadsheet of proposed raises, which Council rejected Monday.

NEW PHILADELPHIA – City Council Monday night did not approve hefty raises for city administrators and other non-union employees.

Members voted 4-3 against the proposal.

Council’s salary committee recommended seven percent annual raises for the next three years for the mayor, law director, Council members, and 40 or so more staffers.

Three Council members have said the raises are needed to keep the city in line with other similar municipalities, and the employees earned them.

On Monday, the four Council members who voted against the rases spoke up.

Kelly Ricklic called seven percent increases unheard of in today’s standards. He said giving them over three years would be “insanity.”

“I believe this will cripple the city,” he said, noting that the cost would exceed $700,000.

Councilman Mitch Pace said the city couldn’t afford the raises beyond one year. He suggested a raise in 2024, then let the new Council decide on future, merit-based raises.

Councilwoman Cheryl Ramos agreed with the Councilman. She does not believe the city used appropriate criteria when comparing salaries with other municipalities.

Councilman Steve Rippeth said raises are needed, but he couldn’t commit to three years.

Council President Don Kemp says it’s back to the drawing board for the salary committee.

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