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New Philadelphia Mayor says state of the city is strong

| March 3, 2022
New Philadelphia Mayor Joel Day

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (March 3, 2022) – Mayor Joel Day says the state of the city is strong and optimistic. He issued his annual report Tuesday. 2022 State of the City Report_FINAL

“The city is in a good position financially,” he said. “The economic growth that we’ve experienced over the last several years is continuing. Our major employers are expanding. I think the city is in a good place right now so that’s why I say that we’re entering the new year strong and optimistic.”

Day’s State of the City Report highlights his and each city department’s contributions over the past year and singles out some of the most impactful events of 2021. The most impactful event of 2021 according to Day? Convincing state legislators not to eliminate the city’s health department.

“We just thought that was a terrible idea,” he said. “Our city health department does a remarkable job of providing public health services for the residents and businesses of New Philadelphia. There was no need to merge them with anyone or to close them.”

Day says addressing drug abuse and mental illness will be important in 2022. Calls related to those issues increased 32 percent in 2021.

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