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Newcomerstown council reviewing 5-year spending plan

| March 9, 2022

NEWCOMERSTOWN (WJER) (March 8, 2022) – Village leaders are looking beyond 2022 when it comes to the town’s finances.

Fiscal Officer Lisa Stiteler has put together a 5-year Capital Improvement Plan based on the wants and needs of each department for council members to review. Mayor Pat Cadle says it’s essentially an extended budget outlining the projects and purchases on the horizon through 2026.

“And if we have too many big things in one year, then we’re going to have to move it out, and so we can plan out and we can have an organized and predicated budget before we get there.”

He anticipates some additional discussion before council signs off on this extended spending plan, which is available by request through his office.

“They just received it last week. Like I said, it’s 77 pages. We wanted to talk about it a little [Monday] night, and we wanted to get them started reading it. So there will probably be a bigger discussion on more of the details at the next council meeting.” 

The plan also establishes how much money the village needs to set aside to fund larger expenses in the coming years including a splash pad for the pool at Cy Young Park and a downtown revitalization project. 

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