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Newcomerstown mayor details village’s 2022 paving plans

| March 14, 2022

NEWCOMERSTOWN (WJER) (March 14, 2022) – Village officials are making plans to smooth out a couple of roads and parking lots this year.

Mayor Pat Cadle says council recently authorized the village’s participation in the countywide paving program. 

“It included Edgewood Avenue, the Cy Young parking lot, the road behind the park and the water department parking lot and lane, so basically it added up to $87,000 and change.”

He says the projects they’re planning they’re tackling come from a list village officials compiled three or four years ago.

“They were those streets that were in the worst shape that people did a lot of traveling on. They were part of the village that a lot of people would see,” he says. “We felt that because they were around the park, that’s one of our best assets, and we need to make it look better, make it easier for people to travel on.” 

Cadle doesn’t yet know when the work will begin, although he says a paving crew should be arriving any day to start on the projects that carried over from last year including Beaver Street. 

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