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NP schools’ maintenance garage property sells for $332,500

| April 17, 2023
The New Philadelphia School district ended up getting $332,500 for this deteriorating garage on 2.3 acres during a public auction last week. (WJER Radio)

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (April 17, 2023) – City school officials managed to recoup more than half of what they paid for the district’s new maintenance building by selling off the old one.

Superintendent Amy Wentworth says the 2.3-acre property along South Broadway went up for auction last Tuesday and ended up bringing in almost a third of a million dollars to help pay for its replacement.

“We sold it for $332,500. The building purchase was $625,000, so it’s a good chunk of it but there’s definitely some out-of-pocket district costs, as well.”

She says while there’s some equipment to move still, the maintenance department has already started working out of its new headquarters along state Route 416, which will double as a secure bus storage facility.

“We need to get the gravel down and get the fence up and then we’ll be able to get our buses down there over the summer, and we expect by the time school starts next fall both maintenance and transportation will be housed completely out of that building.”

Wentworth hasn’t spoken to the winning bidder but was told the plan is to build multi-family housing on the property. Once the sale closes, the buyer has 90 days to demolish the building there, which has fallen into disrepair and was recently condemned by the fire department.

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