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NP schools selling bus garage property

| March 1, 2023
New Philadelphia school officials are trying to find a buyer for the district’s former maintenance garage, which has to be torn down under orders from the fire department. (WJER Radio)

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (March 1, 2023) – The New Philadelphia school system is auctioning off its former maintenance garage.

Superintendent Amy Wentworth says the building at 915 South Broadway is no longer needed with the maintenance department relocating to the one the district purchased a couple of months ago. 

“We’re going to put it up for auction. The advertising should come out here soon, but that will be held on April 11th. We no longer have use for that building since we now have the new building that we are getting ready to move into.” 

The garage itself is in rough shape and needs to be torn down, although Wentworth still anticipates some interest because of the land that it sits on. 

“I would think so. The land itself is in a fairly desirable location, so I think that there would be interest in that property.” 

Firefighters deemed the structure unsafe and ordered the demolition, which Wentworth says the buyer will be responsible for. The district paid $625,000 for a former commercial building on three acres along state Route 416 that will double as a new bus storage area.

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