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Officers honored for going above and beyond to serve city’s residents

| February 15, 2022
New Philadelphia Patrolmen Andrew Boyd and Mark Sadolsky received certificates commending them for their dedication and commitment to the city's residents during Monday's city council meeting. (City of New Philadelphia)

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (Feb. 15, 2022) – City officials are showing their appreciation to law enforcement officers for two separate incidents this month. Mayor Joel Day is honoring Bob Everett and Brian Klopfer for responding to a house fire while in the neighborhood plowing snow on Feb. 4th.

“They heard a call come over the radio of a house at 1306 Lakeview being on fire. Both went to the house and were able to rescue an elderly woman who was inside before fire consumed the house. Both Everett and Klopfer are New Philadelphia Police Auxiliary Officers.”

Day is also saluting police officers Andrew Boyd and Mark Sadolsky for their actions the next day.

“Patrolmen Andrew Boyd and Mark Sadolsky responded to a call from the mother of a handicapped child on Juniper Street SE, and shoveled snow from the wheelchair ramp and sidewalk at the home. These are illustrations of the commitment our Police Department has made to serve the citizens of New Philadelphia.”

Day presented Boyd and Sadolsky with certificates of commendation at this week’s council meeting. Everett and Klopfer couldn’t attend, but will get theirs at the next meeting in two weeks.

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