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Plumbing issues at Uhrichsville city hall making bathroom breaks a challenge

| February 17, 2023

UHRICHSVILLE (WJER) (Feb. 17, 2023) – Mayor Mark Haney is becoming increasingly frustrated as he waits on council’s blessing to move forward with some urgent repairs.

That’s because administrators and employees have been sharing the only working toilet in city hall since last week. Haney says the hallway restrooms and the one in his office are all out of order until they can get a plumber in to reline some of the cast iron sewer pipes, which requires council’s approval.

“We’re using the fire department’s private quarters bathroom. That’s the only functioning bathroom in the building for 10 to 20 people depending on who’s in the building.” 

Council President Buck Cottrell scheduled a special meeting Thursday evening but couldn’t get enough members there to authorize the repairs. He called another one for 10 am Saturday. Haney is hoping the members who couldn’t make it Thursday will be able to sacrifice a few minutes from their weekend for the sake of the city’s employees, who’ve been having to wait in line to use the restroom or go elsewhere. 

“They’re all trying to share a bathroom. The women’s, men’s, and my private bathroom in my office, they’re all closed… So it’s affecting the overall health and welfare of the employees who work in this building.”  

Haney can spend up to $10,000 without council’s permission but the repairs are going to cost more than $18,000. He says he’s considering renting a couple of porta-johns until the toilets are back up and running.

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