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ProVia buying lamination company, moving production to New Phila

| July 2, 2023
ProVia leaders have announced plans to buy the Youngstown company that laminates its products and move the operation to The Times-Reporter's former headquarters at 629 Wabash Ave. in New Philadelphia. (ProVia)

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (July 3, 2023) – We now know ProVia’s plans for The Times-Reporter’s former headquarters.

The company announced earlier this week that it’s acquiring Youngstown manufacturer Premier Profile Lamination and will be moving the operation to the building on Wabash Avenue. Spokesman Joe Klink says having the ability to coat the windows and doors they manufacture in a protective film locally (allows for more control over the process and) gives ProVia a strategic advantage over its competitors. 

“PPL – Premier Profile Lamination – has done a great job for us as a supplier and vertically integrating that into the ProVia family just enables us to continue to develop new products, to have tight control over the quality, and to just advance our vinyl windows, vinyl patio doors in the industry.”

ProVia bought the approximately 70,000-square-foot warehouse and office building from Copley Ohio Newspapers Inc. back in 2022. Klink says a lot of work has been taking place behind the scenes to get it ready for its next chapter as a manufacturing facility. 

“Doing some cleaning, updating the lighting, just doing some general renovations for the manufacturing space. We’ve not yet started any renovation on the office space because we are focused on getting the manufacturing space ready for equipment that is sitting in the Youngstown, Ohio area.”

Company leaders intend to continue production in Youngstown through the end of the year or possibly later. 

“And obviously the timeframe is fluid because there’s a lot that has to happen in that facility, even preparing some of the electric to receive that equipment, but that is our plan for that to hopefully take place by the end of next year or at the latest Q1 of next year.”

PPL employs 18 people who were at ProVia’s Walnut Creek headquarters today (Wednesday) for training. Klink says all have the option to relocate and retain their positions which will otherwise be filled locally.      

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