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Returning competitor crowned 2023 Miss Clayland

| October 17, 2022
Caitlin Seifert, 24, of Niles, will go on to represent the area in the next Miss Ohio Pageant after being crowned the 2022 Miss Clayland Saturday evening. (Miss Clayland Scholarship Pageant)

UHRICHSVILLE (WJER) (Oct. 17, 2022) – The new Miss Clayland says we’ll be seeing a lot more of her around the area over the next 12 months.

24-year-old Caitlin Seifert of Niles, a Kent State graduate, took the 2023 crown at Saturday’s scholarship pageant at Claymont High School. Seifert says her social impact initiative focused on volunteering, something that she’s passionate about.

“I really want to be present in the community. I want to be able to come down, be on the radio, go to schools, go to the library, go to sponsors because I feel like that’s the only way that we’re going to get more sponsors into the pageant and get more girls to compete.”

Pageant Director Martha Campbell says she’s thrilled with the judges’ selection.

“Caitlin Seifert has competed here many times as Miss Clayland but this time she was actually able to capture the crown. It’s so fun for us when we actually see a young woman go through this program and see how much they’ve grown and learned about themselves and about the program and just continuing on in their life.”

Seifert says it’s been a long time coming.

“I’ve always wanted to be Miss Clayland. It’s been such a dream title to be able to work with Martha and work with the community, so I’m so excited to be able to have this opportunity and get my year started.”

Campbell says they will now be working with Seifert to help her prepare for the Miss Ohio competition in June and showing her around the valley to implement some of her volunteer skills.

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