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School district asks city to help with Quaker Stadium track resurfacing

| March 16, 2022

NEW PHILADLEPHIA (WJER) (March 16, 2022) – The school district is seeking the city’s help in resurfacing the track at Quaker Stadium.

School Superintendent Amy Wentworth Monday asked City Council to contribute $50,000 to the $278,000 cost to resurface the track.

“Since the track is used and enjoyed by both the school district and the city residents, we are asking for financial support from City Council to fund this project,” she said.

Wentworth says the district is committing $185,000, and donations add $70,000 to a project that will cost $306,748. Ninety percent of that is for the track resurfacing. It also includes replacing the pole vault pit and improving the finish line system.

Wentworth says the district has spent almost $1.18 million on stadium maintenance over the past four years.

Wentworth reminded Council of the lease agreement between the school district and the city, which owns Quaker Stadium. It gives city residents access to the track except during competitions and certain practices.

“City residents regularly and consistently walk and jog on the track at the stadium,” she said. “The amicable partnership between the district and the city is a benefit to all our residents.”

Councilman Dean Holland told Wentworth the city’s finance committee will consider her request as it works to finish the annual budget before an April 1 deadline.

Wentworth says the track surface will be red. She says district officials didn’t pick the cheapest or the most expensive option. They picked a quality consistent with the football field and other tracks in the area.

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