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Seemingly impaired woman flees from police, strikes cruiser

| August 8, 2023
Police arrested the driver of this black Nissan that struck a cruiser and another vehicle after fleeing from a nearby gas station. (Photo courtesy of Melanie Osborn)

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (Aug. 8, 2023) – An apparent drunk driver crashed into a police cruiser and another vehicle Monday afternoon before getting arrested near the park and ride in front of dozens of passing motorists. 

It started just before 3:30 pm when the clerk at a convenience store on West High Avenue called 911 about a seemingly intoxicated woman yelling and “beating on cars.” According to police call records, officers arrived and found the woman, who struck the cruiser and then the other vehicle while attempting to flee toward state Route 39.

Bystander video and photos shared on social media show police arresting the woman, who reportedly headbutted the partition and a window in the back another police cruiser on the way to the hospital to get checked out.

Police will be sending a report to the prosecutor’s office to review for possible charges against the woman, who passed out after arriving at the county jail and was taken back to the hospital by ambulance for further treatment.  

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