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Shane Gunnoe to be sworn in as Dover’s new mayor

| February 8, 2023
Shane Gunnoe sits at the mayor's desk during his time as Dover's interim mayor last year.

DOVER (WJER) (February 8, 2023) – The city is scheduled to swear in Shane Gunnoe as its new mayor at a special meeting Wednesday at 7.

First, city council members will vote to affirm the Tuscarawas County Republican Party Central Committee’s selection of Gunnoe to replace Richard Homrighausen, who was disqualified from public service when he was convicted of theft in office in November.

Gunnoe says he wants to quickly scrap lawsuits the former mayor filed against the city.

“Upon my swearing in one of the first actions I plan to take is to request the law director to substitute myself for Mayor Homrighausen in his official capacity as mayor in his lawsuits against the city. And I also want to request the law director to ask that we dismiss those suits.”

Those were attempts by Homrighausen to stop the city from employing three people he had fired.

Gunnoe, then as council president, was among the city officials who helped bring those employees back to work. Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Ernest last week ruled Dover’s next mayor can take over those cases since Homrighausen is no longer in office.

Gunnoe, who was Dover’s interim mayor for most of the past year, was the only applicant for the vacant seat. Dover residents on the Republican Central Committee appointed him Tuesday night.

“I think during my time as interim mayor we really turned the corner and started moving the city in a positive direction,” Gunnoe said.

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