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Sheriff: Law enforcement ‘acted honorably’ even though situation ‘ended tragically’

| May 3, 2024

DOVER (WJER) (May 3, 2024) – Tuscarawas County Sheriff Orvis Campbell says the community should be proud of local law enforcement’s response to what turned out to be a tragic incident at the top of the Schneider’s Crossing I-77 exit early Friday morning.

Troopers from the State High Patrol and a sheriff’s deputy fired multiple shots at Kendall Floyd Woodard, 34, of Dayton after he pointed a firearm at them following an hours-long standoff, according to Campbell. Woodard was pronounced dead at the scene.

In an afternoon press release, Campbell says law enforcement “acted honorably.” He says they worked for hours to reach a peaceful solution and rendered first aid after the shooting.


On May 3, 2024, The Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office was requested to assist Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers with a subject in his vehicle located on the Southbound offramp of Interstate 77 at the Schneider’s crossing exit. The patrol had stopped to check on a disabled vehicle when they encountered an individual who demonstrated concerning behaviors.

The Patrol had requested an ambulance, and then a CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) trained Deputy to assist with the individual. Troopers and the Deputy attempted to help the individual over the next several hours by attempting to talk him into getting some medical help. The units on scene made exhaustive efforts to include retrieving him food and drink, offering crisis services and assuring him repeatedly that they only wanted to get him help. EMS from the Dover Fire Department also assisted with these efforts to convince the subject to get help. The man was identified as Kendall Floyd Woodard, age 34 of Dayton, Ohio.

Near the end of the incident the subject brandished a handgun and pointed the weapon at law enforcement which resulted in the Officer Involved shooting. The weapon was still in Woodard’s hand when it was recovered. Woodard was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ohio BCI and I was called upon to conduct the investigation into the incident.

My preliminary review of the incident reveals that the Deputy, Troopers and EMS had worked towards and hoped for a peaceful medical transport. Law enforcement was not even aware that the suspect possessed a weapon until it was brandished and the shooting occurred. The Troopers and the Deputy attempted to render first aid after the shooting without success. Neither the Troopers nor the Deputy were injured during the event.

I believe that the investigation will reveal that all of the law enforcement on scene acted honorably and as trained and that this community will be proud of their extensive efforts during this long incident even though it ended tragically.

My thanks to the civilian witness, the Dover Fire Department, The Ohio State Highway Patrol, Smith Ambulance service, the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Tuscarawas County Coroner’s Office for their assistance on scene.

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