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Sheriff’s office says road rage led three teens to beat up 53-year-old

| February 14, 2024
The Tuscarawas County Sheriff's Office shared this photo of the vehicle allegedly involved in a road rage incident and assault on Feb. 9.

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (February 14, 2024) – Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s officials say three teens assaulted a 53-year-old man, sending him to the hospital, after a road rage incident.

Capt. Adam Fisher says a sergeant on patrol Monday evening noticed a white pickup truck that matched the description of the one from Friday’s assault. The sergeant questioned the owner and determined that his 19-year-old son and two 18-year-old associates were in the truck Friday.

Fisher says they confessed. Sheriff’s officials will meet with the county prosecutor to determine appropriate charges.

Fisher says the road rage incident began when the pickup truck reportedly cut off the other vehicle on West High Avenue near the Eagle truck stop. The 53-year-old honked his horn and flashed his headlights. Fisher says the pickup truck then followed the man to his home where things escalated.

“The suspects in that road rage incident followed our victim to the area of his home where an altercation occurred outside the vehicle and our victim was assaulted.”

Fisher says a physical altercation then took place, with the suspects punching and kicking the man repeatedly before leaving.

“His injuries are pretty significant,” and required multiple surgeries, Fisher said. “He’s got a couple of broken bones and some stitches.”

Fisher says two of the suspects are from Tuscarawas County and one lives in Carroll County. He would not speculate on possible charges until after meeting with the prosecutor.

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