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Speed limit reset approved in Strasburg

| February 27, 2024
The speed limit is going back to 35 miles per hour on South Wooster Avenue between Second and Ninth streets. (WJER Radio)

STRASBURG (WJER) (Feb. 27, 2024) – Village leaders are again changing the speed limit on part of South Wooster Avenue.

During last Tuesday’s council meeting, members approved legislation repealing the ordinance from last summer that extended the 25-mile-per-hour zone through downtown to 9th Street Southwest. Wes Hosteler wasn’t on council when the speed limit dropped but was in favor of changing it back.

“I think it benefits the residents of Strasburg who go from 9th Street out of the town on a much more frequent basis. That’s why I was behind the idea of making it 35, not so much for the highway traffic but for the residents of Strasburg.”

The vote was 4-to-2 on a motion from Council President Marty Zehnder, who proposed the reset at a meeting to improve the traffic flow along that stretch. One of the no’s came from Councilman Jeff Smith, who didn’t think it would be wise to speed traffic back up along that stretch.

“I’m not quite sure raising the speed limit from Second to Fourth is a good idea with it being the park entrance and some things going on there with the heavy traffic moving into that area.”

Village Solicitor Terry Seeberger wished they could split the difference.

“I remember talking with Dave Hoffman from ODOT. He said probably the perfect speed limit there would be 30 but that’s not a statutory option. You’ve gotta go with either 25 or 35.”

The change won’t go into effect until signs listing the higher speed limit go up, which could take a couple of weeks. 

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