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State construction budget boosts fundraising for new homeless shelter

| June 8, 2022

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (June 7, 2022) – Officials with Friends of the Homeless of Tuscarawas County say they’re feeling encouraged after being included in the new state capital budget.

The group is positioned to receive $300,000 for its House of Hope campaign to construct a new shelter that would accommodate an additional 60 to 70 guests.

Calvin White is the director at the current shelter in New Philadelphia. He hopes this adds momentum to their fundraising efforts.

“Something like this I think will catch people’s attention in the community, and I think it’s good too to show the community that there is support for what we’re trying to do,” said White.

White says the existing shelter is more than 100 years with a lot of damage and is in need of repairs.

“We have a room, a week ago, that has a mother and a small child in it and part of the wall caved in,” White said.

Having a new shelter is still a few years off.

White says they’re currently in the process of trying to locate land for the shelter. They were considering a piece on the east end of New Philadelphia by the airport, but it wasn’t zoned appropriately. He’s optimistic with the help of a couple of realtors on the board working on the project that they’ll find somewhere to build.

“I can say with 100-percent assurance that we’re moving forward. This will be accomplished,” he said.

White says their House of Hope capital campaign has now raised about $450,000, with a target of somewhere in the $4-6 million range.


Photos of the conditions inside the current homeless shelter, provided by Friends of the Homeless

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