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Strain of Dover Chemical lawsuit evident at city council meeting

| August 22, 2023

DOVER – A recent court filing led to some tension at Dover’s City Council meeting Monday.

Dover Chemical is seeking sanctions against the city and Law Director Doug O’Meara in the latest chapter in a nearly three-year legal dispute over an electric surcharge penalty.

Councilman Bob Mueller Monday was disappointed he didn’t hear about the recent filing from city officials.

“I had to read it in the paper instead of hearing it from the administration. I don’t think that’s right,” Mueller said. “This administration talks about transparency, yet we don’t tell people stuff. Only certain people know.”

Council President Justin Perkowski tried to guide the discussion into an executive session.

“There’s probably a very good reason, and we’ll talk about it in executive session, if you can hold your horses until then,” Perkowski said. “But enough with the grandstanding, alright? Let’s continue to move the city forward here.”

“This is moving the city forward because at the moment it’s stalled in a mud puddle,” Mueller responded.

“Alright. That’s your opinion on it. Hopefully your opinion changes later,” Perkowski answered.

Mueller said he felt a little better about the situation after Council and its attorney discussed the issue behind closed doors. However, he and other members wouldn’t discuss what was said during that executive session. Council members and city officials looked stressed after the meeting.

Dover Chemical in its recent filing accuses O’Meara of secretly recording its lawyers and withholding an important document.

Dover Chemical seeking sanctions against city, law director

The company wants the city to pay for added legal costs. Dover has yet to respond to the accusations.

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