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Strasburg council weighing revised cat management proposal

| February 12, 2024
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STRASBURG (WJER) (Feb. 12, 2024) – An addition to the village’s proposed stray cat management plan would hold the people caring for them accountable for the damage they cause.

Council is getting ready to decide on an ordinance that would allow volunteer caretakers to trap, neuter, and return stray cats but make it a crime for anyone else to feed them. Solicitor Terry Seeberger introduced the revision during last Tuesday’s village council meeting.

“It says, ‘Persons providing for feral cats that have been trapped, neutered, and returned under section 90.05, in order to qualify for protection of that section, shall be responsible for damage done by such cats on the property of other persons or to clean up after such cats as required on the property of other persons.’”

The added provision was based on a suggestion from Strasburg Police Officer Kayla Willer, who helped with a TNR program while working as a vet tech in another state. She spoke on behalf of the department during the January 24th council meeting, saying they’re in favor of TNR but don’t think unsuspecting neighbors should get stuck dealing with the cats’ messes.

“That’s mainly our biggest concern because we know that’s where a lot of the people’s concern is. They’re fine with cats. It’s just that they don’t want to have to clean up the mess because they’re not the ones taking care of it.”

Feeding squirrels and other wildlife is also prohibited under the proposal, which is scheduled for a third reading and possible vote during the February 20th council meeting.

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