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Strasburg firefighters, clerk recognized during council meeting

| September 25, 2023
Strasburg Firefighter-EMTs Madeline Smith, Paige Sugalski, and Izak Farrington (not pictured) received certificates of commendation from the department and Chief Steven Laskey for their actions during a medical call on Aug. 18. (Strasburg Fire Department)

Strasburg Administrator Jennifer Mahoney with Fire Chief Steven Laskey and Assistant Chief Steve Joki.

STRASBURG (WJER) (Sept. 25, 2023) – Fire Chief Steven Laskey is crediting three EMTs with saving the life of a patient in distress.

During the last village council meeting, he publicly commended Madeline Smith, Paige Sugalski, and Izak Farrington for their rapid response to a medical call on August 18th and the care they provided to the patient at the scene.  

“I received a call from the spouse of the patient, and she expressed her gratitude for the quick response and the care her husband received, and their actions are the reason her husband is still with her today.” 

Smith and Sugalski received certificates of commendation during the last council meeting, and Laskey also presented one to the village clerk.

“Jennifer Mahoney has shown pride in assisting the fire department and dedicated her profession and commitment to the community. For all that she does for the village – it was with her help that I’ve been able to accomplish most of the goals I wanted to since being hired – I wanted to say, ‘Thank you very much.’”

Farrington couldn’t be there that evening and received his certificate when he arrived at the station for his next shift.

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