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Strasburg Police seize over a half pound of drugs over 4 days

| February 22, 2024

STRASBURG (WJER) (Feb. 22, 2024) – Mayor Bruce Metzger has been praising village police for a recent string of drug busts. 

“I don’t know if people in town know. They had basically had two drug raids. One was a high pursuit chase. They got the guy after he went through Beach City, Brewster, and they got him in a Massillon parking lot, and they got another guy at the Ramada”. 

Officers recovered about 8 grams of suspected drugs from the vehicle involved in the February 9th chase, and a call the next day about two individuals behaving suspiciously at a village business resulted in the seizure of almost 20 times that amount. Police Chief Dave Warrick says they ended up recovering close to a half pound between the three incidents. 

“We’ve never got a half pound of drugs on a weekend on three different incidences. The amount of drugs that people are carrying on them now is concerning… I’m glad my officers are proactive and do their due diligence in locating this stuff and getting it out of the hands of the bad guys.”

Metzger got to check out the haul before it was shipped off to Ohio BCI for testing.

“I’m telling you folks if you could have seen what I seen in that box… It’s hard to believe but these guys captured this. These guys got ‘em, and they did an excellent job.”

Officers went to the hotel to apprehend the suspects in a burglary out of Uhrichsville. Inside they found more suspected drugs, along with the victim’s safe and most of its contents.   

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