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Strasburg superintendent wants more talks about bringing athletic fields to campus

| August 29, 2023

Vince Lindsey

STRASBURG (WJER) (Aug. 29, 2023) – The Strasburg-Franklin School District wants to advance the discussion in the new school year about bringing athletic facilities much closer to the school.

Superintendent Vince Lindsey says the football and baseball fields and the track are all at the village’s park.

“It’s great to have that partnership,” said Lindsey. “But it would be amazing to be able to have our students walk out the door and go to softball and baseball and football track practice.”

Lindsey says he’s hoping that school officials can start talking more with the public about what it could take to move those facilities to the school campus where the district recently purchased nearly 3.5 acres on the west side of Tiger Drive.

“Definitely not saying we’re breaking ground,” Lindsey said. “I’m saying that we’re starting the conversation. Everyone’s welcome to chime in.”

He says possibilities could include turf and a community walking track there one day.

Discussions with the community would go more in depth on how much something like this could cost and how it would be paid for.

“Our Tigers deserve the best and it’s my job and the team’s job to try to get there.”

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