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Student volunteers to spend 922 Day cleaning up the Twin Cities

| September 21, 2022

UHRICHSVILLE (WJER) (Sept. 21, 2022) – More than a hundred students will be spending tomorrow beautifying the Twin Cities.

Kids from Claymont and the local Catholic school system will be picking up litter, planting fall flowers, painting curb strips, and completing other projects assigned by officials from both towns for 922 Community Pride Day. Dennison Mayor Greg DiDonato was planning to send groups out to clean up the railroad tracks, part of Stillwater Avenue, around the hospital, and a couple of other areas. 

“We’re doing the on and off bypass at Second Street and then we’re going to go to Deer Hill.. St. Mary’s sixth-graders are gonna sweep all of the parks, the trail, and the creek banks along the trail.” 

Helpers are meeting at Claymont’s field house for breakfast before heading out to get started on their assignments. Tuscarawas County Junior Senior High School Principal Jenn Calvo says they had a dozen students sign up to take part in the effort. 

“I think that the kids are excited. They’re a little nervous because it’s brand new. They don’t know exactly what they’re going to be doing. They just know that they’ll get gloves and to wear closed-toed shoes and not be afraid to get dirty.”

She says the value of serving others is something they try to install in every student. 

“Absolutely. Building a servant’s heart is so important and community awareness. It’s one thing to see that problems are out there. It’s another thing to be active in finding solutions.”

Community Pride Day participants will also be completing yard work and other tasks for elderly and disabled residents identified by the Twin Cities Ministerial Association.  

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